w3IDE 2.0 - NexGen Edition

w3IDE NexGen Edition

 Released: March 21, 2005

Q. I'm used to Microsoft FrontPage for building webpages, how closely does w3IDE resemble FrontPage and will it be easy for me to learn?

A. We seem to be getting a lot of FrontPage users showing interest in w3IDE lately. w3IDE does not resemble FrontPage in almost any way, with the possible exception of it's ease of use factor. w3IDE was designed to be user friendly for people with little or even no website building experience at all, while at the same time feature rich for advanced web techs. So, making a transition from any other web editing system should be fairly smooth.

Q. How do I preview my PHP pages with w3IDE?

A. w3IDE is a great editor for PHP, however as a PC-Windows based application it can't natively display PHP. What we do and suggest is run an all-in-one Windows App-Server installation. This will allow you to run PHP and even mySQL locally for development and allow you to preview your PHP pages.

There are many Installation kits available for free. The one we use is AppServ from http://www.appservnetwork.com

You can find some other options here: http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Software_and_Servers/Installation_Kits/

Q. Was the w3IDE site designed with w3IDE?

A. Absolutely! And it validates as 100% compliant XHTML by w3.org