w3IDE 2.0 - NexGen Edition

 Released: March 21, 2005

Educational Licenses for Schools

BanPro NET [Bannon Productions Network] provides educational institutions with an affordable and attractive licensing option for w3IDE. These Educational Licenses not only allow the facility to provide w3IDE on all school owned and maintained systems, but also to provide fully registered versions of the software to all members of its faculty and student body for personal use on their private PC's as well.

In addition, as with all w3IDE license options, our Educational Licenses are provided with free updates and upgrades for life.

While many software vendors charge on a per user basis or require yearly renewals, w3IDE's Educational Licenses are a 'one time only' purchase at the flat rate of $125.00 and valid for the lifetime of the purchasing institution.

With the purchase of a w3IDE Educational License your school will receive a custom installation build of the w3IDE software which will display the following title on the w3IDE screen: "w3 I.D.E. NexGen Edition from BanPro NET - provided by Your School Name".

We will also add a direct link to your school's website within the main w3IDE editor's "Support" menu if desired at no additional cost.

For more information about these license options or to purchase a license for your school please contact us at info@w3ide.com